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Product Packaging & Labels

Anyone putting out a product pays extra attention to the design and look of the packaging. There’s almost no more important step in your marketing.

Often enough though, all of the advantage that you get from great labeling or product packaging design can be lost in an overly complicated and labor intensive production process. Mistakes can be costly and a really unique or complicated packaging can lead to un-foreseen setbacks or additional expenses in an already expensive process. SoCal has worked with professional design teams producing complex multi-piece packages, accompanying store displays and we’ve done simple labels to be applied on short run production schedules.

Digital technology has fundamentally altered the way that consumer goods are brought to market and branded packaging and printing is, today, more affordable and easier to achieve than at any time in the past. We can help to build your brand and we’ll work with your team to see that everything from comps and samples, to shelf-ready packaging is ready without any more stress than a regular printing job.

No matter the complexity or the unique nature of the product you’re packaging, SoCal has years of industry experience and we can put that experience to use on your product line. We’ll be happy to show you a whole range of similar jobs we’ve done in the recent past, and we can consult on every step from the pre-production process through to delivery. We’re happy to stand behind so many professionally delivered packaging and labeling jobs, and every one has been a unique experience that’s resulted in SoCal’s unique deep industry knowledge. We put that knowledge to work every day for seasoned marketing pros and for smaller companies launching their first products. We’ll be happy to discuss the particulars of your packaging or labeling needs and to answer any of your questions at the same time.

SoCal specializes in custom retail packaging and product labeling for local businesses in Irvine, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Carlsbad, and surrounding local areas and across the U.S. Get a Free Quote or Contact Us today to learn how our custom labeling and packaging services can help you stand out against the competition.